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BOE Candidate Antoine Smith volunteering at the Community Food Bank.

About the Mr. White


I was born and educated in the same district in which I'm running. This enables me to have a true understanding of the culture and needs of our community. I'm a U.S. Air Force Veteran and I believe the training and certifications that I've received through Continuing Education, Mediation and Asset Development would help me to be an effective member of the Board of Education. I also have over 30 years of volunteering experience with youth in the community. I have strong relationships with schools, local government, community organizations, our health department, law enforcement, and faith base communities. 

My goal is to ensure Parents have a GREAT SCHOOL SYSTEM, Kids have a SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, and Teachers, Administrators, Support Staff, and Bus Drivers are Valued. It's our responsibility to make sure ALL kids have the necessary tools to succeed.


BOE Candidate Antoine Smith with his wife of 21 years and their daughter.

Getting it done


I have proven to be a leader for our children and a voice for our community. As a parent, serving on multiple community association boards of directors, I have gained the experience necessary for serving on the board of education, listening to parents and educators input, and working collaboratively with others for the greater benefit of the community. I will bring my skills of listening, learning, team building and working with others to the Calvert County Board of Education, where I believe it is needed.

I know what it takes to find viable solutions. I also see the importance of a community needing to be heard by their representation. My care for all children guides me and helps to ensure that decisions regarding our youth receive the utmost consideration while incorporating the input of the community, fact-based analytical data, and a constant reminder that our children are not pawns in any political system.

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